What methods exist for protecting children while surfing the web?

I’m writing an article and I find myself at a loss for information (just so you’re aware, I’m writing the article to advocate parental supervision as the best method. So, don’t suggest it if you want best answer for this one).

I use GabMail to be sure that the person wanting to talk to my daughter online is who they say they are. If they are a known contact or one who appears to be a safe person, then I add them to her addressbook; if they aren’t a good contact, they get added to our internet browser’s block list. In case you’ve never heard of Gabmail, visit www.freegabmail.com to see how it works. It is Free, doesn’t require special software, and doesn’t suck up your time in filling out registration information. You just record your video message and send the link to whomever (either via email, webpage, blog, etc.).
Yes, parent supervision is the primary neccesity in protecting children. Gabmail helps take the guesswork out of identity though. And, since I’d have their video link in my email, if that person were to step out of line, I’d have a video ID to hand over to the authorities. So, in my case, I use video emails to protect my child from internet predators. She’s never allowed to surf alone, and can only email people I have added to her addressbook. And the only way they get there is if I have viewed them through a GabMail.

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