Corrupt Child Protection Agents Steal Kids

While protecting children is a must, the current system in place allows for major abuse of power as each child removed from the home means a money rewards for the CPS office to the tune of thousands of dollars per kid. Every once and awhile a child who needs to be saved from harm actually is helped, but more often than not, children who are not abused or neglected get targeted and taken to meet state quotas for the federal funds. Mainstream media looks the other way because these agencies would accuse them of not supporting child welfare, while corrupt CPS caseworkers (not the good ones, the bad ones, as there are good workers out there) but the corrupt ones tear good, loving families apart and get away with it. Kudos to the local station who put this out for public broadcast!

Duration : 0:2:8

[youtube hcgwHa1GPF0]

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