Internet Filters, Don’t Surf the net without one.

When the internet first came out it was a novelty that most people could live without.  Today for many families it has become a necessary evil. 


I tried for a long time to remain internet free because of the risk that I felt it posed to my family.   Year after year more and more of my day to day work required me to be online checking e-mail  or on company intranet.  My health benefits, pay, and 401k are now only accessible online.  We also home school our three children and the internet plays a very large role in supplementing our curriculum. 


Several years ago I realized that I needed a way to keep the internet in my home safe.  In order to do that I would need an effective way to protect my family from all the garbage that goes with it. 


A friend told me about internet filtering, pointed me to Clean Internet and I’ve been a customer ever since.  The program is simple and easy to use.  I’ve tried other programs and found that they slow down your speed, block things that shouldn’t be blocked, and require a password that you generate for protection (how safe is that?). 


Clean Internet doesn’t slow your speed down a bit.  You’ll forget it’s there until the filter blocks porn.  This is one of the few software applications that I have found that is everything it’s cracked up to be!  If you want to protect your family online, use the internet filter from Clean Internet.

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