Home Invasion: The Need for a Multi-level Internet Filtering System

It doesn’t matter how many precautions you take to protect your home, you are still in danger of a home invasion. You could have the best trained guard dog. You could have armed security on the premises.
You could purchase an anti-intruder security system more sophisticated than the one that protects the C. I. A. headquarters in Langley, Virginia and you would still be in danger of a home invasion.

The home invasion I am talking about will not be perpetrated by a burglar while you are at work or on vacation. I am not referring to someone who forces his way into your house, ties you up, and takes your property while you are watching. As traumatic as these events would be, I am talking about something that could have even farther reaching consequences and that could wreck havoc on you, your family, and everyone you care about for years to come.

In some cases, the consequences could reverberate for a lifetime. I am talking about a home invasion through the Internet. The only truly effective way to protect your home from Internet invasion is through a multi-level Internet filtering system.

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