The Value Of Internet Safety

What is the value of your child? How much would you be willing to spend to protect him or her.? You are probably saying what kind of questions are those? The answers are simple my child is priceless, and I would be willing to spent every dime and then some to protect them.

I like you could not and would not put a price tag on my children’s safety.  I am about to tell you how you can not only protect your children now but for years to come for under $5.00 a month.

The protection I am talking about is protecting your child from the dangers of the Internet. Internet safety is an area where a vast numbers of good parents are missing the boat. As parents we protect our kids from all sorts of dangers and inappropriate situations, yet we fall short many times in the area of Internet safety. The things that enter the minds of our children do make a lasting impression why would you them allow the filth in your home via the Internet.

The answer, just as an oil filter filters out the crud that might enter your engines components and damage them. A good Internet filter will filter out the garbage that can and will destroy your child and your home. My question dear parent is why would you not filter and monitor your computer? If you have any sense at you would realize the importance of Internet safety.

After reading the above statement no doubt you said there is no price tag great enough for protecting my family. Is it worth $5.00 a month? Then do the research and install an Internet filter and monitoring software and talk to your family about the dangers of the Internet.

“The best thing to spend on your children is your time.”