Stop Look Listen

Stop   Look  Listen

We all recognize this from learning what to do at a railroad crossing yet over 12,000 train vehicle accidents occurred last year with over 700 deaths. What does this tell you?

Some folks do not heed to these simple rules

Lives could be saved, families spared the grief of losing a loved one and countless other situations that arise from such a tragic happening. Please allow me to switch tracks now, as we train and prepare our children as they go down the rail way of life we must instruct them in the three words mentioned above regarding the dangers of the internet.


Do not at any time post personal information on the Internet; remember nothing is personal once you post it on the Internet.

Do not engage in on-line chatting with strangers, they could claim to be an innocent little 14 year old school girl, and in reality they could be a 40 year old pervert.

Do not post pictures of yourself.


Parents Know what your kids are looking at on the Internet.

Parents check up on what they are doing online. (There are lots of good programs that can monitor and filter the Internet.)


Listen and Talk to your family about Internet safety.

Remember the stat from above over 700 lives lost to train car accidents, the number of family’s destroyed by internet predictors and the filth that is pumped in our children’s minds is to numerous to fathom.