More than at School

As we continue to further our technology, we must get more involved as parents and moral citizen to protect ourselves and children from Internet pitfalls.

The Stanwell School in Penarth has linked with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) to educate their pupils of ways to be safe while online. This for example includes things like telling them the dangers of giving out personal information leading to identity fraud. This is a helpful step for the parents of Penarth, but it is up to parents not to drop the ball at home.

While children are young, you have to make their decisions for them. They don’t understand many things in their youth, but with time they will understand the reasons for your decisions. If you let your children online while at home it is your responsibility to be their protector. Ask yourself what you have done to keep them safe, if you don’t know what you can do, then start with an Internet filter. Do research to educate yourself, these are your kids.

The morality in the world today is greatly declining due to things made possible by the Internet. Pornography is at the click of a mouse or it may just pop up on your screen accidentally. Identity fraud is vast due to the personal information required to buy and sell online or transact other business tasks. Do not leave the domain of your time online without walls and a gate that’s guarded. You do have options, so take control and make the preparations needed to follow this through.Windsor Castle