Lessons on Internet Safety

The odious sound of children running around the house is gone, the endless questions throughout the day have ceased. Yes it’s back to school time, while the kids are at school now would be a good time to learn the basics of Internet Safety.

This will be the first part of some simple yet practical helps to maintaining a Clean Internet in your household. Please feel free to comment and add some input on the matter.

Lesson 1

Determine the placement of your computer in the house. Talk to family members and decide where you would like to set up your computer. The best place of course would be were the monitor is in clear view of all. If there are multiple computers (such as laptops) select a central location where they can access the Internet from.

Something that goes along with this is putting time restrains on computer usage. The times may vary depending on day and workload they have.

Please stay tune for lesson 2 Parental control or not to parental control