Internet Safety, should it be Mandatory?

Britain is to make online safety lessons for children over 5 mandatory .

What do you think when you read this headline? Do you say great or who cares or the government has no right to implement Internet safety for our children.

No matter what your response The question you should be asking yourself is, What am I doing to guide and protect myself and my family from the dangers of the Internet The Internet provides our children with a world of entertainment, opportunity and wisdom — a world  at their fingertips.  But we as parents,leaders in our community and concerned citizens  must ensure that the cyber world is  safe for us and our families.

Internet safety is our job,we must teach our children the dangers of the Internet. Take time to sit down with the family and talk about internet safety and the dangers of online predators. Every home should implement a good monitoring and filtering product that will help in the area of online safety.

Do some research and start at a early age to teach the dangers and yes the wonders of the Internet.