Back To School

Back to school is upon us, kids from all over will soon be entering the doors that hopefully lead to learning. One of the keys to a good education is discipline in the classroom. You cannot teach a class when kids are talking,text messaging or sleeping in class. The schools of today seem to teach more on Internet usage then on the basics of reading,writing and arithmetic. We must realise as parents it is our responsibility to educate our kids the educators can and should assist use, but it is our responsibility.

The Internet is a topic that must be addressed.We must educate ourselves on the trends of the day so we know how to direct our children. The use of the Internet can and should be a safe adventure. One of the main ways to make it so is through discipline.

Parents need to set guideline’s to the use of the Internet. Do not allow your kids to stare blank eyed at the computer screen for hours upon hours. You must  monitor and filter the content that is being accessed via the Internet.

You must be a parent to your children not a friend,lay the law down and then enforce it. You must set the stage by engaging in the same rules you set forth for safe Internet usage.