Find out if your spouse is a cyber cheater

For $19.99 you can find out if your spouse is a cyber cheater. The private investigators work is no longer following a guy after work to some bar where he rendezvous with his mistress. Give β€œCatch-a-Cheat” $19.99 and your spouses MySpace details and they will tell you if hubby is having an affair. The developing of sinful relationships may be the leading abuse of computer technology. An observant friend once told me that he knew more people who fell into disgrace from chat lines than became ensnared in online porn Marriage counselors have sought out special courses to deal with this growing problem. One marriage counseling site says one third of all divorce litigation involves some form of internet infidelity. Cyber cheating is a common plague of the heart and home.

The anonymity and secrecy afforded by online contact deceives cheaters into thinking they are engaging in something that will never be found out. But the Bile says, β€œThe eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.” (Proverbs 15:3) Surely the sin of online flirting, is a sin that will find out the sinner and bring painful consequences in the end.

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