Cyber bullying

In the most recent case, a 14-year-old took her own life on Friday evening.

Her mother told Radio 3AW that cyber bullying may have contributed to her daughter’s death.

“I want to tell people to keep their kids off the rotten Internet, it’s a horrible place,” she said.

This is a very sad story indeed. Cyber bullying is a growing trend among our youth. The fact is words hurt and yes at time words can take the life of teens across the country. My Mother is a wise lady, but one thing she had wrong was the saying “sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you” sorry Mom your wrong.

The Internet is a place full of rotten horrible things; it is also a place of vast goodness. We as parents must take a proactive approach to Internet safety. This needs to be something that is in the for front of our minds. There are cruel people out there and many use the Internet as their stomping grounds. I am not claiming to know everything nor be the all knowing all wise parent, but here are a few tips that I would suggest.

You are who your friends are-(know your kids friends)

You are what you read——– (keep a tab on the books or magazines your kids read)

Be a parent, not a friend——– (your kids will get mad at you sometimes, but you’re the parent you are guiding and protecting them)

Limit Internet usage————— (how about go outside and play)

Install monitoring software on your computer—(you have the right and you have the responsibility to check up on your kids.)

Talk, Talk, Talk, ———————- (have an open line of communication with your kids)

Do your homework—————– (learn what your kids are interested in)

This is but the tip of the ice berg, we could go on listing dozens of tips. There is no one answer to protect your kids from Cyber bulling. The key is be consistent and diligent in your monitoring of the use of the Internet in your home