Your Kid Can Bypass Internet Filters – Trust Me

As parents, we want to believe our children would never purposely attempt to access internet content that was inappropriate or illegal, but let’s face it – they’re kids. Children are naturally curious, and oftentimes they simply do not understand the dangers of what is out there. Teenagers in particular are more likely to underestimate the risks involved in their online activities, and more likely to have the skills and the desire to bypass internet filters.

Unfortunately, most internet filters are very easy to bypass, hack, or simply uninstall. This is largely due to the way these parental controls work. Many of these filters are software programs that operate solely on keywords. When someone tries to access a website that contains the keywords, the parental controls deny access.

However, there are ways to mask keywords, and sometimes, you even have to choose these keywords and keyword phrases yourself, further limiting which web pages are blocked. Illicit websites are getting smarter, and are finding new ways of getting around the conventional keyword blocks, which is why you need a filter that utilizes multiple methods of searching and categorizing web content. Honestly, most search engines will do a better job of filtering unwanted content than these programs simply because they crawl the web in different ways, and don’t rely solely on keywords anymore.

Even the parental blocks that are better at recognizing objectionable content tend to use a password system that will allow you access to blocked content, and anyone with web design knowledge will tell you that password protection for these kinds of programs is negligent. Passwords are easily guessed or changed, and many programs have ways to get around passwords built right into their software. And most of these programs don’t even require a password to be uninstalled.

In addition, kids are getting more tech-savvy as well. Many teenagers will enter keywords in foreign languages to access the content that traditional parental controls block, or will simply enter the URL into the address bar – a move that many internet filters will allow, and that will bypass the screening system. A fairly recently developed trick that many kids now use to get around parental controls is rerouting the web browser through a free proxy server. Because the internet filtering software is installed on the main computer server, accessing the internet through the proxy server completely bypasses the filter.

Now that you know all this, you may be wondering if there is an internet filter available that will reliably block objectionable and inappropriate content, and can’t be uninstalled or bypassed easily. Well, fortunately, there is – Clean Internet.

Clean Internet works differently from most other internet filters. For starters, it cannot be uninstalled by the end user, you have to call tech support. Plus, it utilizes a variety of filtering methods, including URL and foreign language filtering. In addition, although their filtering program is installed on your computer like other programs, you don’t have to worry about proxy server bypassing because Clean Internet is your proxy server.

Clearly, Clean Internet is a solid choice for internet filtering. And if you still aren’t sure that you need this kind of parental control, consider this – the internet is getting more dangerous and trickier to navigate safely every day, and if your kids can bypass internet filters, what are the people on the other end of the screen capable of?

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