The Loopholes in Internet Blockers

When you are trying to keep your family and children safe on the internet, one of the best resources you can have is a good internet filter. Now, you may have an internet blocker already installed on your computer, but how truly effective is your internet blocking software? Honestly, what is the point of having the software if there are loopholes in internet blockers?

 There are a couple of key differences in internet filters and internet blockers, and one of these differences is the mere fact that loopholes and bypasses exist in most internet blocking programs. Internet blocking programs generally tend to focus on keywords and vague guidelines, like site content ratings that are similar to television and film ratings.

 However, many websites and end users have found ways to slip through the structure set up by internet blockers. For example, sites can now mask their keywords, and the majority of websites – particularly those that contain sexual or violent content – simply are not rated. In addition, many computer-savvy web surfers are now using what is called a “proxy,” which is basically a website that acts as a server for blocked sites, to bypass internet blockers. Because the internet blocker reads the proxy as a reliable and safe page, it doesn’t realize that illicit content is being accessed through that portal.


Other loopholes in internet blockers can be found in the software itself. Unfortunately, many of these programs can be uninstalled very easily, and many of them use passwords to manage the account. Most web development professionals will tell you that passwords are an increasingly unreliable means of security – they are easily guessed, can be changed by someone who only has minimal personal knowledge of you, and oftentimes can be bypassed altogether. Additionally, most internet blockers that use passwords do so because they allow the administrator to set various levels of access for different users. There is a huge loophole inherent in this system – blocked users simply log off of the blocked account, and log on as a different user.


Internet filters work in slightly different ways. While these kind of programs also scan pages for keywords and content ratings, they use many different filtering techniques, and their guidelines are often more strict about what is acceptable. The major problem with this is not that users can access content that is blocked, but that many users have trouble accessing good content.

 However, there are internet filters available that will offer you all of the benefits of complete protection without the pitfalls. Clean Internet is a solid choice for internet filters. Clean Internet is unique, in that they are acting as a proxy server, only in reverse. You’re getting all of the good content and none of the bad.

 In addition, they offer foreign language and URL filtering, and their sophisticated filtering algorithyms ensure the safety of your family and children online. There are no bypasses – the software cannot be uninstalled without a call to tech support – and everyone receives the same level of protection. With Clean Internet you won’t have to worry about the loopholes in internet blockers, because they simply do not exist.

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