School debating filtering Internet

The North Syracuse Central School District is close to implementing a policy to regulate Internet use in the district.
At its July 6 meeting, the NSCSD Board of Education had its first discussion regarding a proposed Internet safety policy after a presentation by Christopher Nelson, the district¡¦s director of instructional technologies.
The policy designates that the district should implement a filtering system to block entry to websites that are obscene, pornographic or harmful to students¡¨ as defined by the Children¡¦s Internet Protection Act, enacted by the Federal Communications Commission in 2001. It dictates that all use of the district¡¦s Internet access must be for legitimate educational purposes, and it prohibits use of the Internet that violates the law, causes harm to others, jeopardizes student and network security or for personal financial gain.
As part of the policy, the district will hold forums at the beginning of each school year to educate students and their families about appropriate Internet behavior, including interacting on social networking sites and in chat rooms.
In order to ensure proper use by students, teachers and other staff are tasked with monitoring student computer use. They will ensure that student’s don¡¦t access sites that are adult or sexually explicit or that provide information on criminal skills, hacking, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, hate speech, violence or weapons. Students will also be prohibited from visiting  chat rooms using district access.