Safety or Censorship

you be the judge
you be the judge

WASHINGTON, July 28, 2009 – Parents and educators need to educate children about online safety issues, rather than censoring content, a panel of think tanks, industry officials, and online safety experts agreed on Monday.

Are you not glad that there is a panel of experts out there that know how we should and should not raise our kids? I’m sorry but some people get so smart that they are stupid. Monitoring and yes filtering the Internet is not censoring, but being a responsible parent.

Parents of course need to educate but it needs to be coupled with monitoring and some type of Internet filter or parental controls. Kids are very smart today they need parents that are on top of the issues they are dealing with on the Internet. Please don’t fall into the trap of giving your child full access to the Internet.

We need to protect our families from the dangers of the Internet. There is a way to safely surf the Internet if you want to call the area of filtering censorship you go right ahead.

But as for me and my house we will filter, monitor and educate our children in regards to the Internet.