Safe in the Summer

June is National Internet Safety Month, and with the kids out of school for the summer.

Many children will turn to the World Wide Web for entertainment and a source of keeping connected with classmates.

Just like there are dangers at school there are dangers on the Internet. It is the parent’s responsibility to learn and warn their children of these dangers.

A recent survey found over 50% of teens have given out private information to people on-line that they don’t even know.

Also almost 20% of teens say they have a separate email account that they hide from their parents.

Talk,Talk,Talk Your kids need you to open and up front on the dangers of the Internet.

Use these tips as talking points.

· Keep your personal information private

· Don’t talk to strangers and use privacy settings

· What goes online, stays online so choose pictures and comments wisely

· Treat other people how you would like to be treated online: If you are being bullied, tell an adult

· Install active and up-to-date Internet security software on your computer like the Clean Internet Filter