Learning Internet safety

Learning Internet safety

State, local officials say education
is key

Educators and state leaders assembled at Bowling Green University to discuss internet safety for children.

A nonprofit group called SAFE has long been dedicated to the dangers of internet predators and the safe use of the internet for our children.

Leaders from the Ohio Attorney General’s office and Religious officials from Ohio talked about ways to monitor use of the internet and use of the internet on cell phones.

“Its all over the place as far as what schools are letting kids do what type of technologies kids are using [and] the type of crimes that are happening in Ohio and national,” said Director of Youth Program Services, Kathy Nichols. “If it’s kind of all over the place and it changes every time we introduce a new technology.”

Its important to come together and talk about these issues, just because it is legal dose not mean it is right.

Learning Internet safety is a responsibility parents and leaders of our community should take serious.