Christian Internet Filters

Many Christian families are reluctant to recognize the very real danger that the internet poses to their lives and their relationships. They do not believe that Christian internet filters are necessary for them, and that if you do not go looking for objectionable content then you will never be exposed to it. After all, they rationalize, we are Christians.

This, however, is faulty thinking. As Christians, we should be even more vigilant about resisting temptation and preventing our exposure to immoral, violent, and worldly videos, websites, and internet content. And trust me, exposure will happen. Although it may be entirely inadvertent and unsolicited, there are a thousand ways unwanted content can be accessed. You may click on a misleading link in an email or on a search engine page that takes you to a pornographic website, a formerly trusted website is now displaying ads for adult dating sites, or while visiting an online store a popup window appears offering “adult” products.

Additionally, Christians have a very real enemy that is trying to lead them into sin and destruction all the time. Demons do not sleep, they do not take a break, and they are singularly focused on ruining Christian lives and making us ineffective for God. While temptation is not a sin itself, it is the first step on the road to sin, and must be resisted and removed from our lives if we are to fulfill the purposes for which God created us.

Fortunately, internet temptation can now be very effectively removed with the help of family internet filters. These filters will block access to bad content while allowing good content, and using a Christian service like Clean Internet will ensure that you are working with a company that shares your moral values. Clean Internet’s filter, in particular, is a solid choice for Christian families, Christian schools, and Christian businesses because they offer the highest level of compatibility with operating systems (Windows and Macs) and with practically any internet connection.

The best thing about Clean Internet, though, may be that this filter cannot be bypassed by the end user or uninstalled without contacting their technical support center. As a Christian company, they are truly interested in the welfare of their clients and have developed a filter that will help remove internet temptations, and that can even help you resist temptation and, in a way, protect you even from yourself.

In conclusion, protecting your family online is very important, and the easiest, most effective way to do this is to install a good Christian internet filter. In our modern society, the world intrudes and enters our homes in a variety of ways – including the internet. The Bible tells us to flee temptation, and as Christians, we must be prepared to resist, even in our own homes.

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