House Bill Forthcoming

House Web Safety Bill Forthcoming

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., will soon introduce legislation that would create a competitive grant program for state and local education agencies and non-profit organizations to provide Internet safety education to teachers, schools and parents. The bill would authorize up to $175 million over a five year period, would be administered by the Justice Department in collaboration with the departments of Health and Human Services and Education.

There is no one thing that will that will eliminate misuse of the Internet. It must be a joint effort with parents leading in the way. Wasserman Schultz said at a Wednesday briefing on Capitol Hill sponsored by Point Smart, Click Safe — a coalition of non-profits and companies like Comcast, Google, Verizon, and Yahoo. “Our bill recognizes that knowledge must be our children’s first line of defenseā€

We as pareants must educate our children in the dangers of the Internet. There are a host of products that can aid in safe Internet usage, but it comes down to parents talking with there children and implementing a good Internet filtering system.