You are your brother’s keeper

We have heard over and over again that we are only responsible to ourselves. The shrinks and counselors will also tell you “look out for number one” you cannot be your brother’s keeper. I say hogwash we have a responsibility to family, friends and yes foes to be an example and to help in any way we can to better a person and even a country.

One thing that makes America different and unique is the fact that we have always tried to be a big brother to those in need. Some would vehemently disagree with this, saying we should mind our own business, or we have enough troubles of our own. I will agree we have plenty of troubles of our own as individuals as well as a nation.

That is what makes us different, we as Americans as a whole are willing to put our issues to the side to help others. We live in a day were technology changes ever so fast. Computers the size of a notebook were a dream not too long ago. Surfing the Internet was unheard of. We as parents, friends and leaders in our community need to stand up and fight the trash that is pumping into homes, schools and our public libraries via the Internet. This is not censorship, but being responsible.

We must start in our homes, then to our friends and ultimately to our community and the world. The dangers of the Internet need to be taught and taught and taught. It is said in warfare you must know your opponent, well we must teach those using the Internet to know their opponent. Stay tune and I will give you some tips in the area of Internet safety and security.