True Health Care

Wherever you stand on the health care issue, whether you believe the government wants to kill Grandma or not, or the health care reform proposed will greatly help our country. The fact is we are in danger of a greater Health Care issue.

The danger I am talking about is neither the Swine Flu nor the threat of a terrorist attack. The danger I am referring to is the one that is already in the majority of homes in the United States.

The Internet

Now before you dismiss me as a nut listen up the Internet if allowed can destroy you, your family, and your mind and can cause a great heartache in your life. Think about this: would you allow a known sexually predator in your house? Yet a child or adult if not careful could open a door way into your home via the Internet. Would you allow a vile exploitation of men, women and children to be posted on your walls? Yet an unfiltered unmonitored Internet allows that and much more.

More important than the debate on Health care reform is the issue of what are you doing to protect your family from the dangers of the internet. Let me be blunt, I believe you are putting your family at great risk if you do not monitor, filter and teach them the possible dangers of the internet.

My daughter just turned sweet sixteen (not sure about the sweet) she also just received her learners permit to drive. A car is a wonderful and useful object in the day we live in. A car can also be a dangerous tool if not trained on the proper procedure of operating it. The Internet is a place of wonder a place of excitement and yes a place of danger if those who operate  it are not trained. When my daughter jumped in the driver seat for the first time the first instruction I gave her was PUT YOUR SEAT BELT ON why? I want her to be protected. We need protection when we are on the World Wide Web also.

Keep you and your family healthy long after the Health Care debate is over. Do your home work and find the best protection for your needs.