The Sobriety Test: Is my teen on drugs?

If performed properly, the parent who uses the Sobriety Test contained in this booklet does not have to argue with his/her teen about being under the influence and can move directly to a discussion
of the consequences of the teen’s actions.

This booklet is designed to give you, the parent, a tool for you to use in raising your children. I will show you how to objectively know and prove whether your teen is under he influence of drugs or alcohol.

This will remove the issue from the realm of opinion and bluffing so you can deal with the problem in a constructive manner rather than go through emotional meltdown. Family relationships are not easy things. There is no foolproof, step-by-step method to follow that guarantees success. The dynamic within each family is unique. As parents, we must spend a lot of time on our knees, asking God for help and guidance. However, this booklet will give you a tool that you can use to improve the odds in your favor.

Check it out at Sobriety Test

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