Surfing In Shark Infested Waters

Safe surfing Internet tips

Don’t be a FOOL!
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Would you allow a sex offender in your house to play with your children? I dare to say you would not .

Would you allow your children to have conversations with a total stranger? again I would say your reply would be NO!.

Then why allow your child to surf the Internet without any protectionClick Here!. We live in a wonderful yet wicket world where at the click of a mouse the most vulgar and graphic contentcan be displayed.

It is your job, it is your responsibility to protect you and your family from the dangers that are found on the Internet.

Let me be blunt,If you do not have a filter on your computer and you have children in your home, you are a FOOL!.The Internet can and will destroy many young minds because of a parent who would not filter what there child has access to on the Internet.

Please for the safety of your home install a good Internet filter that will protect your household from the dangers of the Internet.