Not Your Child

While Internet dangers are rising higher for children, the U K’s TalkTalk program has come to blame parents for their child’s poor Internet behavior. In their studies, they found 25% view content they shouldn’t, 11%get bullied or are the bully, 25% say their parents had no idea what they do online, 62% lie about what they do online to their parents, 53% percent delete their online activities history, if this is not bad enough 5% said they talk to strangers with a web cam, and 2% have actually met with these strangers.

These articles are meant to wake people up to the fact the the Internet is a dark alley that may lead you to where you want to go, but would you want your kids going alone?

In 2004 ,┬áChris Hansen for┬áDateline did an investigation and found that 1in 5 children are sexually solicited while online. They set up a a fake profile online as a teen wanting sex. Within hours of the posting men were literally lining up at the location specified. Are you convinced it’s a reality yet? All predators have to do is to watch your kids online chatting with other friends. He gets to know your child and then introduces himself as someone he thinks your child would like. The fact that this happens so much proves that children fall for it time and again.

Get involved with your children, educate them of dangers, set rules for their use, and then filter their online activity.