Internet Senior Safety

Internet safety is not just for kids who go online. A growing number of seniors are also starting to surf the World Wide Web. Many are using it for social networking and match making.

“The fastest growing demographic group on Facebook is women over the age of 55,” says Debra Berlyn, who runs the Consumer Privacy Awareness Project.

The same type of protection we stress for our children is just as important to our seniors who are surfing the Internet. Parents today should monitor and filter what their kids are doing online, but parents and grandparents need to realize the Internet is just as dangerous for them.

Remember nothing is personal on the Internet talk to the seniors in your family and warn them not to give out any personal information online. Inform them that once they click that send button it’s gone.

Protect those you love with Internet protection. Instruct and inform your loved ones of the perils of the Internet, and offer them a way to be safe online with a good Internet monitoring and filtering system.