Internet Gaming

A large majority of today’s youth are caught up in the area of playing video games and using gaming systems such as Wii, Nintendo and other like systems. They also have the ability to go online and play games. While this may seem harmless there are a number of potential dangers to these online games.

Today’s games have come a long way from Pac Man, Pong and other similar games of the past. The typical game of today has violence and graphics that are so real Kids actually feel like they are part of the game. We have games where you can steal cars, pick up prostitutes and randomly massacre people. The question is will it have an effect on your kids?

Though the vast majority of kids who indulge themselves in these games will not go out a murder someone, or steal a car, the images and actions will be forever ingrained in their mind. What you allow in your child’s mind will affect them.

Parents would you allow a pimp to come to your door and solicit a prostitute to your child? I would think not, how about a neighborhood thug that’s wants your son or daughter to go out and rob a store and kill the clerk behind the counter. Sounds crazy right? Then why allow your kids to play these games. I believe by doing so we are sending a message to them that this is acceptable.

Parents start off by monitoring what your kids are doing. Do not allow the games that promote violence and crime as an acceptable way of life in your home. You may also want to install some type of parental control or Internet filter on your computer.

Remember what go’s in the eye gate will make an indelible imprint on Their life.