“No, you’ll shoot your eye out”

Parents throughout time have said this in one way or another. It may not have been those exact words, nevertheless we have said no and we have warned our family of danger.

Growing up in a small town in New York I was like any other kid. I played outside, rode my bike, and engaged in all sorts of I Dare You contests. My parents did their best to protect me from all sorts of dangers that might have harmed me.

Today’s parents have a vast new area of danger that was not available when I was growing up. First let me say I did not grow up in the stone ages, (maybe to some it was the 60’s) Parents today have the World Wide Web to contend with.

The dangers on the Internet should be addressed in the household. Parents must stand in front of their family and say “No, you’ll shoot your eye out”

We must safe guard the Internet with monitoring and filtering if we neglect this one thing you can be sure of is someone in the household will shoot there eye out. We live in a day were we have so much more to guard against besides the class bully or the hurt full tongues of teenage girls. Please do your home work and implement Internet safety in your home.