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Dangers of Sexting

cell phoneMedia has made teenagers out to be innocently expressing themselves through sexting (sending nude photos of themselves to others through text messaging.)  How dare the courts prosecute the youth as child pornography producers, is often their cry.  I have read several articles about the dangers of sexting and how the image gets spread around, kinda like a sick joke; it is even posted online for the whole world to find.  The child is supposed to have suffered enough from ridicule to be punished any farther.  If this is true, then why does this kind of behavior continue rapidly throughout our high school aged children?  Wouldn’t they learn from others mistakes?  Or better yet, wouldn’t parents learn from all the sexting scandals and control their child’s phone usage?  I believe there should be a harsher punishment implemented when authorities are aware of such behavior.

In Rhode Island, legislation has passed that makes sexting by minors illegal. “Sexting offenders can be charged with a “status” offense in Family Court; individuals adjudicated of the sexting offense cannot be prosecuted under the state’s child pornography statutes.  Those who possess, or forward, sexually explicit images of a minor other than themselves, however, can be prosecuted under the child pornography laws and, if convicted, may have to register as a sex offender.”  Other states that are known for prosecuting for sexting include Indiana, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wyoming.  I think if more states would pass a law to this affect then we would see sexting among minors drastically decreasing.  If the teens do not see the affects of being registered as a sex offender surely their parents will and hopefully will start acting like a responsible parent that is supposed to protect their child.  If we  keep treating sexting like it is no big deal and that it is just a part of growing up and learning lessons then we are teaching our children that it is okay to brake the law and we should not expect them to quit once they step into the real world as an adult. No wonder so many adults today think that they are invincible when it comes to keeping the law.

We not only need to  teach our children the importance of safety online on our computers but with the growing popularity of sexting we need to on their phone as well.

Progression of Porn Addiction: How Did They Get That Far?

There are so many atrocious sex crimes reported that were done by people who everyone thought were respectable citizens or came from good, religious families.  I will spare you and not list the vast amount of ways these crimes are committed; you know what I am talking about if you read the news at all.  If not here are a few recent stories that will update you.,0,231033.story

This might be an assumption, but more than likely the fact that you are reading this article shows that you are anti-pornography.  Some may even say, I would never think of doing anything like this.  Stop and think; did anyone caught for these crimes think that they would ever get to this point? I would like to share some information about how they get to this point.  I found most of this information on sites that are trying to help those who are already addicted to pornography.  I hope to use this to warn of the danger and stop you from ever entering the progression of pornography at all.  The following includes Five Steps in the Progression of Pornography:

1. Early Exposure Pornography gets its foot in the door when curiosity is at its hight and the brain is very impressionable.

2. Addiction Their body becomes addicted to the neuro-chemical changes that are produced by the high of pornography.  At first they just keep coming back for more until it becomes a regular routine. Then they get hooked and can not quit coming back for more.

3. Escalation They no longer are gratified by the regular routine. They start looking at more and more graphic porn. Things that used to disgust them now excites them.

4. Desensitization They start becoming numb to anything they view. Even the most graphic, degrading porn doesn’t excite them anymore.  they become desperate to try anything that will bring back that same thrill again but can’t find anything.

5. Action Out They begin to leave the fantasy world to the real world.  It starts by fantasizing about raping actual woman or molesting a child.  Then they look for a scenario that fits what the porn showed. A good example of this is Ted Bundy who admitted to this process.

As you may have noticed, many porn addictions develop at an early age, usually during teen years.  Teens are easily addicted because it combines their natural curiosity, a new-found pleasurable feelings, and fear and shame. We as parents must stop our children from viewing such images and possibly acquiring a start of an addiction.  Please protect them and yourself with a Christian Internet Filter.



In Casper, Wyoming on Dec. 16, 2009, an arrests were made of two men who attacked a women due to the internet. One man, the ex-boyfriend, put up a solicitation of the woman’s profile on Craigslist and of her “supposed desires”, while the other attacker saw the solicitation and engaged in the later crime of assaulting the woman in her home at knife point to “fulfill the request.” These men are now convicted on first degree sexual assault charges. The internet’s anonymity can be a very dangerous tool in the hands of predators who look especially for online ads that hint at sex and prostitution.

In Riverside County, California, Joshua David Threlkeld will be on trial February 16, 2010 for 126 charges against him involving 80  victims for crimes that have happened since August 2007.  Under the guise of Model-508 Studios on the MySpace network, he solicited girls between the ages of 11-17 for nude modeling work as well as sexually assaulting some of them. He was thankfully caught, but only after he has committed 149 charges of crime that we know of. Do you give your children free reign online and trust your them to do what you want them to online? Don’t be a fool, protect them. Would you rather have your child offended at you because you are in “their” business, or would you rather take the risk of having them assaulted by one of the thousands of “Josh’s” online?

Not Your Child

While Internet dangers are rising higher for children, the U K’s TalkTalk program has come to blame parents for their child’s poor Internet behavior. In their studies, they found 25% view content they shouldn’t, 11%get bullied or are the bully, 25% say their parents had no idea what they do online, 62% lie about what they do online to their parents, 53% percent delete their online activities history, if this is not bad enough 5% said they talk to strangers with a web cam, and 2% have actually met with these strangers.

These articles are meant to wake people up to the fact the the Internet is a dark alley that may lead you to where you want to go, but would you want your kids going alone?

In 2004 , Chris Hansen for Dateline did an investigation and found that 1in 5 children are sexually solicited while online. They set up a a fake profile online as a teen wanting sex. Within hours of the posting men were literally lining up at the location specified. Are you convinced it’s a reality yet? All predators have to do is to watch your kids online chatting with other friends. He gets to know your child and then introduces himself as someone he thinks your child would like. The fact that this happens so much proves that children fall for it time and again.

Get involved with your children, educate them of dangers, set rules for their use, and then filter their online activity.

Internet Safety, should it be Mandatory?

Britain is to make online safety lessons for children over 5 mandatory .

What do you think when you read this headline? Do you say great or who cares or the government has no right to implement Internet safety for our children.

No matter what your response The question you should be asking yourself is, What am I doing to guide and protect myself and my family from the dangers of the Internet The Internet provides our children with a world of entertainment, opportunity and wisdom — a world  at their fingertips.  But we as parents,leaders in our community and concerned citizens  must ensure that the cyber world is  safe for us and our families.

Internet safety is our job,we must teach our children the dangers of the Internet. Take time to sit down with the family and talk about internet safety and the dangers of online predators. Every home should implement a good monitoring and filtering product that will help in the area of online safety.

Do some research and start at a early age to teach the dangers and yes the wonders of the Internet.

You are your brother’s keeper

We have heard over and over again that we are only responsible to ourselves. The shrinks and counselors will also tell you “look out for number one” you cannot be your brother’s keeper. I say hogwash we have a responsibility to family, friends and yes foes to be an example and to help in any way we can to better a person and even a country.

One thing that makes America different and unique is the fact that we have always tried to be a big brother to those in need. Some would vehemently disagree with this, saying we should mind our own business, or we have enough troubles of our own. I will agree we have plenty of troubles of our own as individuals as well as a nation.

That is what makes us different, we as Americans as a whole are willing to put our issues to the side to help others. We live in a day were technology changes ever so fast. Computers the size of a notebook were a dream not too long ago. Surfing the Internet was unheard of. We as parents, friends and leaders in our community need to stand up and fight the trash that is pumping into homes, schools and our public libraries via the Internet. This is not censorship, but being responsible.

We must start in our homes, then to our friends and ultimately to our community and the world. The dangers of the Internet need to be taught and taught and taught. It is said in warfare you must know your opponent, well we must teach those using the Internet to know their opponent. Stay tune and I will give you some tips in the area of Internet safety and security.

“No, you’ll shoot your eye out”

Parents throughout time have said this in one way or another. It may not have been those exact words, nevertheless we have said no and we have warned our family of danger.

Growing up in a small town in New York I was like any other kid. I played outside, rode my bike, and engaged in all sorts of I Dare You contests. My parents did their best to protect me from all sorts of dangers that might have harmed me.

Today’s parents have a vast new area of danger that was not available when I was growing up. First let me say I did not grow up in the stone ages, (maybe to some it was the 60’s) Parents today have the World Wide Web to contend with.

The dangers on the Internet should be addressed in the household. Parents must stand in front of their family and say “No, you’ll shoot your eye out”

We must safe guard the Internet with monitoring and filtering if we neglect this one thing you can be sure of is someone in the household will shoot there eye out. We live in a day were we have so much more to guard against besides the class bully or the hurt full tongues of teenage girls. Please do your home work and implement Internet safety in your home.

Lessons in Internet Safety

Lesson 3

One of the most important things we as parents can do to ensure safety in our home is Talk,Talk,Talk.

We must communicate to our children the importance of Internet safety. This is a real issue in today’s high tech society. The Internet is a doorway that swings both ways. The key is we must stop the trash that tries to enter that door way.

Take time to sit down with the family and discuss what and what not should be done on the computer. Parents remember you are NOT your child’s friend in the regards of protecting and guiding them, you are their PARENT act like it and take a stand for what’s right in regards to what is accessed via the Internet.

Remember the key to Internet safety is not a single key, but a number of keys that need to be implemented daily.

Stay tune for lesson 4

It’s a surprise

Lessons on Internet Safety

The odious sound of children running around the house is gone, the endless questions throughout the day have ceased. Yes it’s back to school time, while the kids are at school now would be a good time to learn the basics of Internet Safety.

This will be the first part of some simple yet practical helps to maintaining a Clean Internet in your household. Please feel free to comment and add some input on the matter.

Lesson 1

Determine the placement of your computer in the house. Talk to family members and decide where you would like to set up your computer. The best place of course would be were the monitor is in clear view of all. If there are multiple computers (such as laptops) select a central location where they can access the Internet from.

Something that goes along with this is putting time restrains on computer usage. The times may vary depending on day and workload they have.

Please stay tune for lesson 2 Parental control or not to parental control