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Think before you post

February 9th, 2010 is this years Safer Internet Day

The topic for the year is “think before you post.”  A web site called Insafe organizes efforts to encourage people to use safety and be more responsible while online, particularly amongst younger generations. These events are quite large,  with 2009 seeing  500 events taking place in 50  countries worldwide.

The tasks this year are make sure you know your children. You need to know if your children use privacy settings available for social networking,  are selecting friends they can trust,  are posting pictures, and if they are posting pictures of their friends with permission.

This website as well as event is thankfully another means of making people aware of positive methods with which to train your children as well as yourself. Some of us don’t even think of the repercussions of our actions online, and are just ignorant of the possibilities. We need to educate ourself to learn things not to do for ourselves and our children, as well as use methods to protect ourselves from attacks beyond our control.

Not Your Child

While Internet dangers are rising higher for children, the U K’s TalkTalk program has come to blame parents for their child’s poor Internet behavior. In their studies, they found 25% view content they shouldn’t, 11%get bullied or are the bully, 25% say their parents had no idea what they do online, 62% lie about what they do online to their parents, 53% percent delete their online activities history, if this is not bad enough 5% said they talk to strangers with a web cam, and 2% have actually met with these strangers.

These articles are meant to wake people up to the fact the the Internet is a dark alley that may lead you to where you want to go, but would you want your kids going alone?

In 2004 , Chris Hansen for Dateline did an investigation and found that 1in 5 children are sexually solicited while online. They set up a a fake profile online as a teen wanting sex. Within hours of the posting men were literally lining up at the location specified. Are you convinced it’s a reality yet? All predators have to do is to watch your kids online chatting with other friends. He gets to know your child and then introduces himself as someone he thinks your child would like. The fact that this happens so much proves that children fall for it time and again.

Get involved with your children, educate them of dangers, set rules for their use, and then filter their online activity.

More than at School

As we continue to further our technology, we must get more involved as parents and moral citizen to protect ourselves and children from Internet pitfalls.

The Stanwell School in Penarth has linked with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) to educate their pupils of ways to be safe while online. This for example includes things like telling them the dangers of giving out personal information leading to identity fraud. This is a helpful step for the parents of Penarth, but it is up to parents not to drop the ball at home.

While children are young, you have to make their decisions for them. They don’t understand many things in their youth, but with time they will understand the reasons for your decisions. If you let your children online while at home it is your responsibility to be their protector. Ask yourself what you have done to keep them safe, if you don’t know what you can do, then start with an Internet filter. Do research to educate yourself, these are your kids.

The morality in the world today is greatly declining due to things made possible by the Internet. Pornography is at the click of a mouse or it may just pop up on your screen accidentally. Identity fraud is vast due to the personal information required to buy and sell online or transact other business tasks. Do not leave the domain of your time online without walls and a gate that’s guarded. You do have options, so take control and make the preparations needed to follow this through.Windsor Castle

Internet Safety, should it be Mandatory?

Britain is to make online safety lessons for children over 5 mandatory .

What do you think when you read this headline? Do you say great or who cares or the government has no right to implement Internet safety for our children.

No matter what your response The question you should be asking yourself is, What am I doing to guide and protect myself and my family from the dangers of the Internet The Internet provides our children with a world of entertainment, opportunity and wisdom — a world  at their fingertips.  But we as parents,leaders in our community and concerned citizens  must ensure that the cyber world is  safe for us and our families.

Internet safety is our job,we must teach our children the dangers of the Internet. Take time to sit down with the family and talk about internet safety and the dangers of online predators. Every home should implement a good monitoring and filtering product that will help in the area of online safety.

Do some research and start at a early age to teach the dangers and yes the wonders of the Internet.

Safety Tips

Let me start off by saying Parents, teachers and Church leaders you need to be active in the area of Internet Safety.

Today I would like to talk about Internet monitoring. There is much to the saying that if some ones watching you your likely to do right. Installing a good monitoring and reporting system on your computer will stop the majority of intentional wrong doing on the computer.

A good reporting program will allow you to see sites that were visited and the time and date they were hit on. This is part of being a keeper to your brother. A good reporting system will also have an option to email reports to an accountability partner.

This tip is just a slice in the pie of Internet safety. Please stay tune for additional tips coming soon.

The sin of America today is pornography

I believe the sin of America today is pornography, I will not bore you with statistics, but the fact is pornography is a huge problem. It used to be you would have to sneak out and drive down to the little shack that had XXX Adult on their door.

Those days are gone, oh no I don’t mean the adult stores are gone they have gone from the bad part of town to the main street in many of cities. Pornography now can be accessed in the secrets of your home, no more getting in the car and driving to the red light district. The fact is you can turn on your computer, open up your Internet and type in any vile search you can imagine and there it is.

One of the first steps that should be taken is to safe guard your home from the potential dangers of pornography entering your home is to implement a filtering and monitoring program on your computer.

What you need is a filter that will not allow you to over ride it one that cannot be turned on and off at a whim. A good filter will do all this and more. It will have a reporting feature, a staff of knowledgeable folks that are there to help.

Please protect yourself and your family and get a great filtering and monitoring package.

Internet safety part 4

Lesson 4

Monitor and limit

This topic can be one that will cause some problems. Your kids can see this as an invasion of their privacy (give me a break) the fact is you set the rules and you enforce them.

Monitor what your children are doing online there should be no secrets if there are chances are there is a problem. This is where a good filter and monitoring software can come in handy. They will have features that allow you to see sites that were accessed and sites that were blocked (that is if you have an Internet filter) remember you are there protector. We know today’s teens think they know ever thing and don’t need any advice, but to the contrary they are weak and vulnerable.

Limit the time you allow your kids to be on the Internet. Decide the times and the days and stick to it. Spending too much play time on the Internet can be very dangerous.

Lessons in Internet Safety

Lesson 3

One of the most important things we as parents can do to ensure safety in our home is Talk,Talk,Talk.

We must communicate to our children the importance of Internet safety. This is a real issue in today’s high tech society. The Internet is a doorway that swings both ways. The key is we must stop the trash that tries to enter that door way.

Take time to sit down with the family and discuss what and what not should be done on the computer. Parents remember you are NOT your child’s friend in the regards of protecting and guiding them, you are their PARENT act like it and take a stand for what’s right in regards to what is accessed via the Internet.

Remember the key to Internet safety is not a single key, but a number of keys that need to be implemented daily.

Stay tune for lesson 4

It’s a surprise

Lessons on Internet Safety-lesson 2

Lesson 2

The lesson I would like to talk about today is the need to control what is and is not allowed to enter your home via the World Wide Web. The responsibility to control content must be implemented by the parent.

How do you do this? There are many products out there that can aid in this area. Do the research and choose a good filtering and monitoring program that will meet your needs. Please do not listen to those who would say “do not censor your Internet” you have a God given responsibility to protect and guide your family.

Do not allow filth in your home, guard yourself and your family from the dangers of the Internet.

Stay tune for lesson 3