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Dangers of Sexting

cell phoneMedia has made teenagers out to be innocently expressing themselves through sexting (sending nude photos of themselves to others through text messaging.)  How dare the courts prosecute the youth as child pornography producers, is often their cry.  I have read several articles about the dangers of sexting and how the image gets spread around, kinda like a sick joke; it is even posted online for the whole world to find.  The child is supposed to have suffered enough from ridicule to be punished any farther.  If this is true, then why does this kind of behavior continue rapidly throughout our high school aged children?  Wouldn’t they learn from others mistakes?  Or better yet, wouldn’t parents learn from all the sexting scandals and control their child’s phone usage?  I believe there should be a harsher punishment implemented when authorities are aware of such behavior.

In Rhode Island, legislation has passed that makes sexting by minors illegal. “Sexting offenders can be charged with a “status” offense in Family Court; individuals adjudicated of the sexting offense cannot be prosecuted under the state’s child pornography statutes.  Those who possess, or forward, sexually explicit images of a minor other than themselves, however, can be prosecuted under the child pornography laws and, if convicted, may have to register as a sex offender.”  Other states that are known for prosecuting for sexting include Indiana, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wyoming.  I think if more states would pass a law to this affect then we would see sexting among minors drastically decreasing.  If the teens do not see the affects of being registered as a sex offender surely their parents will and hopefully will start acting like a responsible parent that is supposed to protect their child.  If we  keep treating sexting like it is no big deal and that it is just a part of growing up and learning lessons then we are teaching our children that it is okay to brake the law and we should not expect them to quit once they step into the real world as an adult. No wonder so many adults today think that they are invincible when it comes to keeping the law.

We not only need to  teach our children the importance of safety online on our computers but with the growing popularity of sexting we need to on their phone as well.

Ministers and Internet Safety

watch?v=M5rOn5AtBFgThe Bible calls ministers to be Sheppard’s over their people. What is the Sheppard’s responsibility as pertaining to his sheep?

The Sheppard was to protect, provide and lead their sheep in the way they should go. It is sad to say but today’s Sheppard’s are not heeding to these principles in regards to their flock (that is the people in their Church)

An area that is lacking is the instruction on the dangers of the Internet. The Sheppard’s in a vast majority of our church’s today are neglecting their God giving duty to warn and protect their flock.

Ezekiel 38:7 says Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them.

Pastors and church leaders need to address the problem of pornography and other social dangers that are on the Internet. The Internet needs to be monitored and filtered now this is just my opinion but I believe it is wrong to have unfiltered and unmonitored Internet in your home or office. The word of God and society itself are as a sounding horn warning against the dangers of unfiltered Internet in the home our workplace, and yes in church offices.

Ministers need to stand up and sound the horn against the dangers of the Internet and the need to have a good Internet filter and reporting system to monitor Internet usage.

Ministers be the Sheppard God would have you to be and guard your flock!

Cyber bullying

In the most recent case, a 14-year-old took her own life on Friday evening.

Her mother told Radio 3AW that cyber bullying may have contributed to her daughter’s death.

“I want to tell people to keep their kids off the rotten Internet, it’s a horrible place,” she said.

This is a very sad story indeed. Cyber bullying is a growing trend among our youth. The fact is words hurt and yes at time words can take the life of teens across the country. My Mother is a wise lady, but one thing she had wrong was the saying “sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you” sorry Mom your wrong.

The Internet is a place full of rotten horrible things; it is also a place of vast goodness. We as parents must take a proactive approach to Internet safety. This needs to be something that is in the for front of our minds. There are cruel people out there and many use the Internet as their stomping grounds. I am not claiming to know everything nor be the all knowing all wise parent, but here are a few tips that I would suggest.

You are who your friends are-(know your kids friends)

You are what you read——– (keep a tab on the books or magazines your kids read)

Be a parent, not a friend——– (your kids will get mad at you sometimes, but you’re the parent you are guiding and protecting them)

Limit Internet usage————— (how about go outside and play)

Install monitoring software on your computer—(you have the right and you have the responsibility to check up on your kids.)

Talk, Talk, Talk, ———————- (have an open line of communication with your kids)

Do your homework—————– (learn what your kids are interested in)

This is but the tip of the ice berg, we could go on listing dozens of tips. There is no one answer to protect your kids from Cyber bulling. The key is be consistent and diligent in your monitoring of the use of the Internet in your home

School debating filtering Internet

The North Syracuse Central School District is close to implementing a policy to regulate Internet use in the district.
At its July 6 meeting, the NSCSD Board of Education had its first discussion regarding a proposed Internet safety policy after a presentation by Christopher Nelson, the district¡¦s director of instructional technologies.
The policy designates that the district should implement a filtering system to block entry to websites that are obscene, pornographic or harmful to students¡¨ as defined by the Children¡¦s Internet Protection Act, enacted by the Federal Communications Commission in 2001. It dictates that all use of the district¡¦s Internet access must be for legitimate educational purposes, and it prohibits use of the Internet that violates the law, causes harm to others, jeopardizes student and network security or for personal financial gain.
As part of the policy, the district will hold forums at the beginning of each school year to educate students and their families about appropriate Internet behavior, including interacting on social networking sites and in chat rooms.
In order to ensure proper use by students, teachers and other staff are tasked with monitoring student computer use. They will ensure that student’s don¡¦t access sites that are adult or sexually explicit or that provide information on criminal skills, hacking, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, hate speech, violence or weapons. Students will also be prohibited from visiting  chat rooms using district access.

Safe Surfing

Don’t be a FOOL!

Would you allow a sex offender in your house to play with your children? I dare to say you would not .

Would you allow your children to have conversations with a total stranger? again I would say your reply would be NO!.

Then why allow your child to surf the Internet without any protection. We live in a wonderful yet wicket world where at the click of a mouse the most vulgar and graphic content can be displayed.

It is your job, it is your responsibility to protect you and your family from the dangers that are found on the Internet.

Let me be blunt,If you do not have a filter on your computer and you have children in your home, you are a FOOL!.The Internet can and will destroy many young minds because of a parent who would not filter what there child has access to on the Internet.

Please for the safety of your home install a good Internet filter that will protect your household from the dangers of the Internet.

Find out if your spouse is a cyber cheater

For $19.99 you can find out if your spouse is a cyber cheater. The private investigators work is no longer following a guy after work to some bar where he rendezvous with his mistress. Give “Catch-a-Cheat” $19.99 and your spouses MySpace details and they will tell you if hubby is having an affair. The developing of sinful relationships may be the leading abuse of computer technology. An observant friend once told me that he knew more people who fell into disgrace from chat lines than became ensnared in online porn Marriage counselors have sought out special courses to deal with this growing problem. One marriage counseling site says one third of all divorce litigation involves some form of internet infidelity. Cyber cheating is a common plague of the heart and home.

The anonymity and secrecy afforded by online contact deceives cheaters into thinking they are engaging in something that will never be found out. But the Bile says, “The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.” (Proverbs 15:3) Surely the sin of online flirting, is a sin that will find out the sinner and bring painful consequences in the end.

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