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Lessons on Internet Safety-lesson 2

Lesson 2

The lesson I would like to talk about today is the need to control what is and is not allowed to enter your home via the World Wide Web. The responsibility to control content must be implemented by the parent.

How do you do this? There are many products out there that can aid in this area. Do the research and choose a good filtering and monitoring program that will meet your needs. Please do not listen to those who would say “do not censor your Internet” you have a God given responsibility to protect and guide your family.

Do not allow filth in your home, guard yourself and your family from the dangers of the Internet.

Stay tune for lesson 3


What is a good AND safe internet filter that blocks out porn?

I have used the Naomi filter before, but it ended up slowing my computer down with spyware. So, if anyone can suggest a good internet filter that blocks porn and doesn’t ruin my computer, I would appreciate it.
Download Clean Internet from here it is easy and very safe to use this porn filter.  You also can use evidence begone porn scan which makes your computer porn free. this is a freeware

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