The sin of America today is pornography

I believe the sin of America today is pornography, I will not bore you with statistics, but the fact is pornography is a huge problem. It used to be you would have to sneak out and drive down to the little shack that had XXX Adult on their door.

Those days are gone, oh no I don’t mean the adult stores are gone they have gone from the bad part of town to the main street in many of cities. Pornography now can be accessed in the secrets of your home, no more getting in the car and driving to the red light district. The fact is you can turn on your computer, open up your Internet and type in any vile search you can imagine and there it is.

One of the first steps that should be taken is to safe guard your home from the potential dangers of pornography entering your home is to implement a filtering and monitoring program on your computer.

What you need is a filter that will not allow you to over ride it one that cannot be turned on and off at a whim. A good filter will do all this and more. It will have a reporting feature, a staff of knowledgeable folks that are there to help.

Please protect yourself and your family and get a great filtering and monitoring package.