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Do schools in the United States teach about Internet safety?

I see a lot of young girls and boys on here "shopping" for friends and signifigant others. They will say things like "I'm 15 and a girl, i really need a boyfriend in the San Diego area." or "I'm 16 and lonely, and need someone to talk to" If parents are not going to educate their children on Internet safety should the schools play a larger role.
I saw a question earlier today about whether or not teen girls get pubic hairs and what they are like…it was too graphic for just being curious and too ignorant to be taken seriously. Some young girls actually answered the question. I was shocked at how naive these girls are. Do they not realize that even when someone says he or she is under 18 that it could really be a pedophile in disguise?
Is there anything we can do about this? It's becoming more and more common for young children to be taken in by Internet preditors, it's frightening.
I agree with you, although i do not have children of my own my neices and nephews are always at my house. If the computer is on I am always right there helping or making sure they are not anywhere they are not allowed to be. They are NOT allowed to IM or go into chat room….they are all under 10 and I would consider that extremely inapporpriate.
I am in grad school getting my Masters in Education and was just curious if it was taught in public schools anywhere…

Schools in my area do. Parents are also required to sign a permission form to allow the kids online at school. Parents are also encouraged to monitor their children and teach them the rules. Unfortunately, parents don't always do a good job.

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